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The Live Website Audit from Marketing Wise!

The only audit in the industry that includes a TWO-HOUR, live UX Website Walkthrough with recording, and a 30-minute summary/debrief with recording!

Marketing Wise Live Website Audit

Includes a TWO-HOUR, live UX Website Walkthrough with recording!

Ready to optimize your website with a head start from Marketing Wise?

We start with a 2-hour site walkthrough--a live, interactive, thorough critique and planning session for your web presence--with a recording, transcription, and summary for your future reference. Our Comprehensive Audit Report follows, offering detailed insights using professional tools to identify key areas for improvement. The First-Five-Fixes Strategy then pinpoints the top five changes that can significantly boost your site's performance. We wrap up the Audit with an optional 30-minute debrief: a focused discussion to clarify and guide the implementation of these strategies.

How does it work?


This is a one-of-a-kind offering that provides detailed, professional guidance based on your input, professional tools, and web design and UX experts. No other service provides 2.5hrs of interactive audit work in addition to detailed reporting, and a tailored, custom, actionable, First-Five-Focus Marketing Plan.

1) Live Website Walkthrough

Our expert team hosts a live, virtual screen-share meeting to provide a detailed, interactive website walkthrough covering aspects like design appeal, ease of navigation, content quality, functionality, SEO optimization, site performance, mobile responsiveness, security, user experience, and legal compliance. This one-of-a-kind offering helps us understand your goals, guides the customized process of giving you the information you need to improve your online presence!

2) Walkthrough Deliverables

Shortly after attending the Live Website Walkthrough, you'll receive an HD recording for your reference. In addition, you'll receive a full transcription of the recording, as well as a key-point summary! All deliverables will be made available via a private Google Drive Folder.

3) Comprehensive Audit

Our comprehensive website audit offers a thorough evaluation using professional tools, and REAL HUMANS to test User Experience, Competitive Analysis, Brand Consistency, On-Page SEO, Performance, Backlink Profile, Site Structure, Desktop and Mobile Responsiveness, and more!

4) Audit Deliverables

After we complete the Comprehensive Audit, you'll receive a customized, detailed report highlighting areas of improvement for your website including things like Slow Page Load Speed, Poor Mobile Responsiveness, Broken Links, Technical SEO Issues, Errors in HTML/CSS Coding, Inefficient Website Structure, and more.

5) First-Five Plan Development

After creating the Comprehensive Audit Reports, they are analyzed, prioritized, and combined with information gleaned from the Live Website Walkthrough, to create a practical, easy-to-follow marketing plan consisting of the first five steps to take that will make the biggest impact on your online presence.

6) First-Five Plan Deliverables

Upon completing the First-Five Plan Development, you'll receive the detailed First-Five Marketing Plan, and the opportunity to attend an optional 30-minute Comprehensive Audit debrief and Q&A. You'll be able to review the audit findings and custom plan with a live, human expert. We will be able to answer any questions, and explain the reports, findings, and plan in more detail.


Comprehensive Live Website Audit
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Digital marketing topics we can cover:


  • Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Competitive SEO Overview

  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

  • Content Quality and Strategy

  • Tech-Stack Analysis

  • Backlink Profile


  • Brand Consistency 

  • Tone of voice

  • Images/media

  • Brand Equity

  • Product or service descriptions

  • Logos, colors, typography


  • Navigation, Layout & Design

  • Customer Journey

  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

  • Accessibility

  • Design Consistency

  • Engagement


  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

  • Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) 

  • Internal Linking Strategy 

  • User Engagement 

  • Social Sharing Integration

  • SEO-Friendly Site Structure


  • Backlink Profile (Quality/Diversity)

  • Lost/Broken Backlinks

  • Anchor Text Distribution

  • Brand Mentions (Non-Linked)

  • Reviews

  • PR and Networking


  • Product Listing SEO/Schema

  • Product Page Optimization

  • Checkout Process

  • Payment Gateway/Security

  • Customer Reviews/Ratings

  • Site Health


  • Keyword Optimization

  • Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

  • Freshness of Content

  • Duplicate Content

  • Content Opportunities

  • Content Relevance


  • Page Load Speed 

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Core Web Vitals

  • Image Optimization

  • Script-Load Impact

  • Asynchronous Loading


  • Alt Text for Images

  • Color Contrast and Legibility

  • Semantic HTML Structure

  • Captioning/Transcripts for Media

  • Descriptive Link Text

  • Heading Structure and Hierarchy 

Comprehensive Website Audit


Get the most out of your website!
What's included:
  • 2-hour interactive audit
  • Comprehensive  Reporting
  • First-Five Fix Marketing Plan
  • 30-minute audit/plan debrief